B2B selling is insanely inefficient.

Machine learning can fix this.

Five questions your CRM data can answer with FUNNELCAST

What is the gap?

Avoid the overcommit, underdeliver trap. Find out how much of your plan will come from opportunities in your funnel now vs. new leads.

How do you bridge it?

How many opportunities do you need to bridge the gap between what you can expect from your current funnel and your goal.

Where is your leverage? 

Which market segments and opportunities produce the highest return for your investment.

What is your forecast? 

What to expect—and when—from your current funnel.

When is it time to hire?

Know how many opportunities you need to support additional hires.

FUNNELCAST: advanced pipeline analytics simplified

Accurate forecasts based on deep analysis of win-rates

Right-goal: set fair goals by person, group, segments, company

Right-focus: find highest value opportunities by segment

Right-staff: balance lead generation and sales staffing

Increase win-rates through deal-level probabilities and smart resource allocation

What our customers say:

SVP Sales
$125M managed services business.

Right-staffing saves $5M annually

Our board wanted us to double

our sales staff to increase sales. 
FUNNELCAST's analysis showed us

what we really needed was more leads, not more sales people.

It worked! 

Savings were enormous.

$250M enterprise software business.
Right-focus yields $40M revenue boost

FUNNELCAST's analysis showed us that we were putting equal attention on unequal opportunities.
We shifted our focus

and grew without spending more.



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